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By Will Rico | January 12, 2022


LinkedIn ads are a valuable tool in the B2B marketer’s arsenal. However, as is the case with any PPC platform, LinkedIn ads require a PPC budget to get going. That leads to a key question:

How much should you spend on your LinkedIn ads campaigns?

Setting Your LinkedIn Ads Budget

In our experience, we recommend a budget ranging from $2,000 to $5,000 for your initial campaign. In this context, we’re referring to a single campaign promoting a specific offer to a particular audience. A campaign budget in this range is sufficient to advertise to one audience, or potentially two in certain instances. To reach more audiences, you need a higher budget level to acquire relevant and actionable campaign data.

Depending on how quickly you want to gather the data, it can take anywhere between two and four weeks to go through the budget recommended above. 

With your campaign, you will want to analyze its clickthrough rate and conversion rate. Typically, it takes at least 100 clicks before you can get a sense of how your campaign is performing. 

At CommonMind, we like a minimum of 200 clicks to get an initial picture of LinkedIn ads campaign performance.

LinkedIn Ads Can Produce A Strong ROI With the Right Budget

With paid ads, success doesn’t come immediately out of the gate. It will take some time (and a reasonable budget) to optimize and hit peak performance. Advertising on LinkedIn follows the same rules. Combining a solid budget with an optimized strategy is a recipe for success with LinkedIn ads. 

Having Trouble With Your LinkedIn Ads Strategy? CommonMind Can Help

We understand that making the most of your LinkedIn ads budget is the goal. CommonMind can help you plan your LinkedIn ad spend and optimize your strategy to ensure that your money is being well spent.

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