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By Chuck Bordman | June 29, 2021

high-quality audio for video

Wondering what makes great video content? 

Great audio quality.

Whether you’re creating video ads or featured content, clear and crisp audio quality is crucial for getting your message across to your audience. You can spend all the time in the world shooting and editing a masterpiece of a video, but without quality audio, it’s likely that your video will miss the mark. 

Because of this, CommonMind has created a video highlighting what we believe are the main concepts behind creating a captivating video with crisp audio quality. 

Here are some of the main points from that video.

Use an Off-Camera Microphone

There’s no doubting the sheer number of camera options at our disposal, ranging from entry-level camera options to pricier, professional-level cameras.

Regardless of the camera you choose, most professionals recommend an off-camera microphone for maximum audio quality. 

At CommonMind, we’ve tested several different off-camera microphones, and the best option we’ve found has been the TASCAM DR-10L. This versatile microphone allows free range of movement for the speaker and provides a clear audio signal.

Syncing Audio with Video in Post-Production

When using an off-camera microphone instead of a camera microphone, it becomes necessary to synchronize the audio track with the video file in post-production. 

Although this is an extra step, it helps to produce professional-level audio quality in your videos. 

CommonMind Can Handle Video Production and Editing For You

Whether video editing and production isn’t your thing or you simply don’t have the time, CommonMind can step in and help. We can handle any production or video editing for you. 

Or if you’d like to record something yourself, we can send one of our TASCAM microphones along with instructions on how to use it properly. 

Whichever route you choose to take, we’re here to help you reach your goals. 

Watch the “Audio for Video” video here.


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