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By Kat Cancio | April 30, 2019

On August 5, 2014, Google introduced a new set of tools that can help merchants provide more accurate shipping prices for orders. The new shipping configuration tool features:

  • Comprehensive account-level settings: Account-level settings now include more comprehensive shipping configurations. Most merchants can express their shipping models at the account-level.
  • Four shipping models: Express your shipping rates in 4 different models. You can base your account-level settings on factors like  ‘weight,’ ‘price,’ or ‘shipping label,’ or you can base it on shipping destinations like state, city, or postal code. Once you’ve established a shipping model, you can store it in a shared library and easily reuse the information across various custom configurations.
  • Display the lowest rates to users: If you provide multiple shipping methods for the same country, Google will calculate the lowest rate for a product and display that price to users. You will no longer need to set a default shipping method since Google will guarantee the lowest rate will be shown.
  • No change to tax settings: Please note that there are no changes to the tax configuration settings except that Google has split the tax and shipping settings into two separate tabs in the Merchant Center.
  • New attributes and sub-attributes: A new “shipping label” can be used to segment products into different shipping rule configurations. Also available are new sub-attributes for tax and shipping that allow you to specify locations where additional shipping or tax rates may apply. Click here to learn more about the new shipping attributes.