By Matthew Forrest | October 31, 2014

While the display network affords you the opportunity to increase your business’ brand recognition – with a 93% reach of online users – your campaign could be doomed from the start if the proper optimization techniques are not utilized. More specifically, ads in mobile apps and games can be dangerous. If you’ve ever used a mobile app and had an ad pop up, you know how easy it is to accidentally click on it.

Check Your Display Placements

It is essential to dive into your display campaigns and review where your ad is being placed –you could be wasting your budget. Follow these steps to check your mobile placements:

  1. Enter one of your display campaigns
  2. Click on the display network tab


3. Click on the display placements button


4. Enter “mobile” into the query box.


 5. Sort by impressions and review the apps your ads have been on.

Excluding Mobile Placements

Once you begin this process you will likely find undesirable placements. To exclude a specific placement click on the green “enabled” icon next to it and select the “excluded” option. If you want to exclude all mobile app traffic, you will need to add a Placement Exclusion for “” This can be accomplished by scrolling to the bottom of the page where you will see “Campaign Exclusions.”

Head on over to WordStream for a more in-depth look at how to optimize your display campaigns.