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By Matthew Forrest | August 20, 2019


Starting on October 15th it will be easier and faster for consumers to find things they are searching for on Google while on their mobile devices. Ad extensions may replace the second description line of your ad copy and depending on how well the ad is expected to perform, Google may even use its discretion and show the description line in conjunction with the ad extensions. Google Maps markers will also be added to qualifying ads.

Google recommends a proactive approach and encourages users to take action now by highlighting the information that matters most to your mobile customers:

  • Advertise featured products and services in a more pronounced way by using callouts,
  • Provide useful and timely local information with location extensions, and
  • Direct customers to relevant pages on your site with sitelinks.

Below is Google’s example of what an ad for Flowers Forever currently looks like versus what it will look like with ad extensions. For more tips on how to prepare your campaigns before the change occurs, read Google’s post.