Why Focus on Long Tail Keywords?

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May 29, 2019 12:00:00 AM

As we all know some markets are extremely competitive (and expensive) to advertise in. It’s easy for the small guy to get blown out of the water by a big competitor. Keeping that in mind you need to determine what words your target audience uses to describe your product/service and use that knowledge to your advantage.

This is where long tail keywords, keywords that are longer and more specific than other search terms, come into play. Since these terms are more niche-focused it is much easier to rank on them. Although these terms are less common, those who use them are much more likely to buy your product/service. The more specific and longer these terms are, the higher the chance of conversion.

The definition of your mission, in which you make crystal clear what the awesomeness of your product, site or blog is, should be central in choosing the long tail keywords you want to rank for.”

A big thank you to Search Engine Journal for posting the findings of this research.