Case Study

Digital Marketing for a Construction Client

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With over 40 years of experience, Triumph is the leading specialty contractor for mobile and modular buildings throughout New England. Despite its rich legacy, when Triumph contacted CommonMind, it was struggling to meet its marketing and sales goals.

Complicating Triumph’s situation, the firm had just parted ways with its in-house Manager of Digital Marketing. Although the firm was committed to “digital” to help grow leads and sales, it lacked in-house leadership with sufficient expertise to drive a digital strategy.

One barrier to growth was the question of how Triumph could best demonstrate its wide range of offerings, ranging from simple container products to mobile offices to temporary modular and even permanent modular construction.

On a more tactical level, internal staff needed support in making full use of HubSpot to aid in its sales and marketing efforts.


CommonMind redesigned the Triumph website around three key concepts:

  1. We designed an interactive slider based on a scale going from “temporary” to “ permanent.” Prospective customers can easily see Triumph’s range of offerings, and see where their needs fall within that range.
  2. We emphasized video as a mechanism for telling the Triumph story. This entailed making video more prominent on the website as well as producing new videos, showcasing projects, and explaining Triumph products.
  3. We added additional content focused on answering customer questions and giving them quick ways to request pricing.

In addition to the above, CommonMind:

  • Standardized Triumph’s management of leads and created new “pipelines” in HubSpot for managing deals.
  • Restructured and relaunched Triumph’s Google and LinkedIn Ads campaigns.
  • Promoted a Lunchtime Learning series through email workflows.
  • Developed a digital marketing dashboard.


Results include increased traffic, video views, conversion rate, and leads.

  • Organic traffic is up 17% and overall traffic is up 23%.
  • Video views are up by a factor of 15x.
  • Conversion rate is 1.7x higher than last year.
  • In-market leads/month have grown by 259% and MQLs/month have grown by over 4000%.

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