Case Study

Digital Marketing for an eCommerce Store



Founded in 1979, Tanner is the premier supplier of fasteners and industrial supplies in the New York City region, and has serviced projects such as Citi Field, Yankee Stadium, Freedom Tower, and countless others.

Despite tremendous regional success and inroads into the national market, Tanner’s ecommerce business was stagnant, with ecommerce sales contributing only a small percentage of overall sales.


Tanner engaged CommonMind to revamp its ecommerce strategy. Together, we determined that more quick fixes to a legacy infrastructure wouldn't lead to long term success, so Tanner and CommonMind embarked on a multifaceted reworking of the company's approach to ecommerce.

Components of CommonMind's work for Tanner included:
  • Overseeing the replatforming of the Tanner website from a legacy system to Adobe Commerce: managing Tanner's ecommerce vendor and guiding the development of a modern ecommerce user experience. 
  • Sourcing and integrating two new inhouse team members that became critical to Tanner's success: an eCommerce Manager and a Web Content Developer.
  • Providing an SEO strategy and plan that mitigated the risks for switching platforms and set up the new Tanner website for organic growth.
  • Fixing tracking issues that were preventing Tanner from getting an accurate measure of ROI from its Google Ads campaigns
Building new Google Ads campaigns to focus on keywords and products that would drive the highest profit margins and sales.


Chart of Google Organic Traffic for

Within a year of implementing the new ecommerce strategy, Tanner's Google organic search traffic grew by 24%. Within two years, monthly Google organic search traffic had more than doubled.

More important, were the bottom line results: monthly ecommerce revenue also doubled, allowing Tanner to cross the $1MM in monthly online sales for the first time.

 Chart of Google Ads Cost vs Revenue for

With CommonMind's ad strategy and optimizations in place, Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) increased from 297% to 557%. This allowed Tanner to generate 3.3X more revenue from ads while only investing 1.8X more.

Tanner's success continues and CommonMind is proud to be a part of their story.