Case Study

Analytics and paid social for a SaaS client



When mLab first engaged CommonMind, the organization was facing a number of marketing challenges. It had hit a milestone in terms of number of accounts and was struggling to increase sign ups via digital channels. The company had an active Google Ads campaign, but didn’t have the right level of tracking in place. This made it difficult to tell whether their investment in ads was producing results.


CommonMind’s first step was to improve tracking. This allowed mLab to see their true cost per acquisition (CPA) for the first time. The improved tracking also gave us the information we needed to adjust bids. We lowered bids for under performing terms, and raised bids where we could achieve favorable CPAs and a solid return on investment.

Once better analytics were in place, CommonMind restructured mLab’s Google Ads account and identified new keyword opportunities. We wrote ad copy specific to each keyword theme and helped develop new landing pages. This created congruity between keywords searched by users, ad copy they saw on Google search results pages, and their landing page experiences once on

We also examined competitor ads and made sure that our messaging stacked up well against them.


With proper tracking in place, mLab was able to see how much they were spending per user sign up. Based on the newly available information and our campaign optimizations, we cut the cost per user sign up in half within one year. With a favorable cost per signup in place, we were then able to triple the rate of monthly user sign ups.

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