Case Study

Social ad targeting, content, and offers for a Health & Fitness client

Invictus Boston

CommonMind Helps Invictus Boston Grow Beyond CrossFit With Smart Social Ad Targeting, Content & Offers


Invictus Boston has built an enviable reputation as the premier CrossFit gym in the Boston area. While its status is cemented in the CrossFit community, Invictus’ offerings outside of CrossFit are less well known. Invictus Boston partnered with CommonMind to solve a fundamental challenge: to grow awareness of Invictus’ other offerings and measurably increase participation in gymnastics classes and seminars, with a particular focus on growing membership at the company’s South End and Back Bay locations.


CommonMind engaged with Invictus to develop a deep understanding of the Invictus brand, and explored ways to extend that brand to focus on non-CrossFit offerings. From an audience development perspective, we identified likely customers from the target geographical areas with an interest in gymnastics and strength training to target via social media, including Facebook and Instagram.

Since pictures are worth a thousand words, we focused on using powerful photography of men and women from actual Invictus classes to show real people using the classes to meet their individual fitness goals.

CommonMind introduced ad copy that would support the theme of “Strength through gymnastics for all skill levels.” It was important that this copy focused on the benefit (strength), the means (gymnastics), and the welcoming, inclusive atmosphere (all skill levels).

Finally, we deployed effective offers, including a free class trial and a free seminar. These drove traffic to a web-based landing page where conversion could be tracked.


The program delivered significant results in a one-month timeframe. Brand awareness and site traffic increased significantly, with more than 50k impressions and 353 clicks.

Even more impressive, the offer ads drove 18 membership signups in the first month at an average cost per signup of just $14.35 in ad spend. The program continues to perform, and is on track to continuously drive more new memberships for Invictus Boston.

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