Here are five reasons you should consider an external partner for digital marketing:

1. Minimize trial-and-error to get to positive ROI faster
Digital marketing is an iterative process. Testing and refinement are part of the game. But the more experience you start with, the faster you’ll benefit from your efforts. A partner with deep experience in all phases of digital marketing can ensure that campaigns are designed properly for maximum efficiency. We can reduce and focus initial testing cycles, and make recommendations based on years of learning and best practice implementation.

2. Add rigor and accountability to content development and campaign refinement
Digital marketing is content-intensive. Aligning the right messages to the right audiences over time takes discipline, commitment, and attention to detail. Many organizations start strong, but find the demands of content creation difficult to manage over time. The right partner brings strong content creation experience to bear, and delivers content consistently and reliably to fuel campaign success.

Ensure consistency and leverage the force-multiplying effect of multiple channels

3. Ensure consistency and leverage the force-multiplying effect of multiple channels
Each component of a multi-channel digital marketing strategy plays a role in the overall prospect or customer journey. From Google Ads to LinkedIn, blog posts, email marketing and beyond, the true power of digital marketing lies in seamless integration. The whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts. The right partner understands how – and why – to deploy a range of tactics for maximum results based on your business and its goals.

4. Retain control and oversight with transparent reporting and refinement
Digital marketing is a learning process. Each new campaign, keyword, or piece of content provides an opportunity to learn what’s most effective and continually refine. The right digital marketing partner shares knowledge, provides regular updates on campaign performance, and delivers ongoing visibility into the strategy and execution of your digital marketing. Choosing a vendor shouldn’t mean compromising on control or feeling like you’re not sure what your marketing spend is accomplishing – quite the contrary!

5. Reduce pressure on internal teams
Even experienced marketing teams can struggle to manage and execute the wide array of activities that comprise an effective digital marketing strategy. Partnering with an expert resource outside your organization can reduce the burden on your internal teams, allowing them to focus on management/oversight of digital marketing activities without getting “stuck in the weeds” of disciplined content creation, campaign analysis, and ongoing program optimization.

Whether you’re building a business or running an established marketing organization, choosing a partner like CommonMind can be the fastest, most effective way to realize the potential of digital marketing. We’d love to talk to you.

Our Web Business Increased Over 40%

After we hired CommonMind to consult on AdWords & SEO, our Web business increased over 40% and Google organic positions improved dramatically. Thanks to Will & CommonMind, more than half of our new customers now come from our website.

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