What Clients Say

3-Week Deadline

When I first spoke to Will Rico at CommonMind I had about 3 weeks to develop a website and get it up and running before Vogue was publishing an article on my business. Fortunately the word “can’t” does not exist in Will’s vocabulary. I was immediately assigned a project manager, Jamie, whose responsibility it was to work with me to achieve this very timely goal. Although I have never met Jamie face-to-face, I feel that we are able to communicate very effectively and in a time-efficient manner.

Jamie and I began by discussing what my objectives were with the site and how I saw a presence on the web helping my business. We reviewed several relevant websites and quickly ascertained what would work best given my objectives.

Within a matter of days Jamie had mapped out a structure for the site. I need to mention here that he created a site that was not only functional and exactly what we had discussed but also it was created keeping in mind that I wanted to be able to manage and update it myself moving forward. With a little bit of training on how to use the software which allows me to interact with the site I am easily able to keep my jewelry photos and inventory listings current.

I have found an intelligent and dependable resource in CommonMind and that is no small thing. Both Will and Jamie made it a priority to have the site finished by the time the magazine was published. Instead of telling me why it was not possible to create a working site in just a few weeks they said “okay, this is how we will do it”. It is a comforting feeling as a small business owner to have a relationship with a firm that is so effectively responsive to whatever needs arise. I am very fortunate to have CommonMind on my team and look forward to working with them in the future as my business evolves and presents me with new marketing challenges.

Robin Katz
Robin Katz Vintage Jewels