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OSYB President Ed Becker's Testimonial for CommonMind Web Marketing

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Interviewer: Hello everyone! Today I am thrilled to be speaking with Ed Becker, President of OSYB (OutSource Your Books); we will be speaking to Ed about his experience working with CommonMind and this was prompted by an email Ed sent me last week saying "website hits are going crazy" and so I thought we take the opportunity to get some more detail about Ed's experience working with CommonMind to redesign and re-launch his firm's website, Welcome Ed and thank you for joining us.

EB: My pleasure!

Interviewer: So first off, what were your biggest concerns or problems going into this process of designing and developing a new website for OSYB?

EB: I think what I had prior to the revised site was an online brochure and what I tried to do is—or, you know, I had some ideas but not being able to execute them—I wanted to put in something that told the story or graphically presented to people, you know, through pictures, through processes, a simpler way to show things. As a net result of that, there were some things that, you know, Will and his team put together for me, which summarized some of the processes that we would do in one or two pictures that I would have probably done in pages and pages of words.

Interviewer: So you already had a brochure website—but it was not telling the full story that you wanted to tell and you had some concerns about—in order to tell that story, maybe, making the website too text heavy. And what was the result of working with CommonMind on that process?

EB: Definitely took something that was boring and kind of you know, spiced it up adding some graphs, some pictures that CommonMind went out and selected based on conversations I had with them and a lot of the time I didn't have—which saved me many, many hours of time I didn't have.

Interviewer: So you had some concepts going into it—but CommonMind was able to spice those concepts up for you and save you some time in the process as well by taking over some of the creative brainstorming. What about on the tangible business end of things—have you—have you noticed a difference in the reaction you are getting to the website—either from prospects or customers?

EB: That is definitely a "yes"—you know, just some comments I have had and I, you know, searched on other people's competitive websites and I look at their sites compare it to mine and, you know, I think they are—they are kind of night and day. Some of the other ones I see are just not professional and the whole image that mine projects is professional. That's been indicated by people calling me saying "I have looked online and I like what you say or I like your message." So, you know, I think the overall content and design I think is attractive to me but more importantly to others.

Interviewer: Well that is important and I am glad to hear that you are getting that feedback that the website presents a professional image for OSYB. What about leads—have you noticed any difference in the number of leads your website is generating before and after it was re-launched?

EB: Yeah, I mean, my website was probably static for six or seven years and, you know, Will and CommonMind definitely spent time with me asking questions about keywords and working on putting in things behind the scenes, like title tags, meta tags and all the other technical stuff—that I think has helped in the organic search part of finding my site. I do a little paid advertising as well, but I know on organic searches, when I do it myself, it's definitely pushing me up in the ranks. Activity to the site has been substantially higher, probably landed one of my largest accounts in the last month or so from a website hit.

Interviewer: Oh, that's excellent! And I am glad to hear that you—you have been generating some business, especially a big account. Would you recommend CommonMind to a friend or a colleague?

EB: Yes, I have in fact. I think the things that have separated what I thought was going to happen and what did happen was, yes, anybody can probably design a site and make it look neat and pretty, but the time that you had spent asking questions about what you want to do or how do we simplify it or really taking an interest in the content and what it was about versus just drawing it together, I think, you know, helped me think about it and having your input on the smaller details that makes the site simpler, I think really helped.

Interviewer: Well that—that's really wonderful; thank you Ed so much for sharing that insight. Is there anything else that you would like to add before we wrapped up?

EB: No, I mean, just overall the process was great in relation to spending the time—I spent time writing the content and then having someone else kind of critique it and saying, yeah that's a good idea, I have done in the past and it was successful, you know, using the expertise that I didn't have—just made it worthwhile.

Interviewer: Well thank you again and before we go I think a lot of our listeners could benefit from your unique service as well. Could you just take a minute and describe OutSource Your Books and who your ideal client is?

EB: What we are is, a professional outsourced bookkeeping service catering to small to midsize businesses who need ongoing interim-type work—some on a day-a-week, two-days-a-month, or three-days-a-month. We specialize in QuickBooks and are experts in that. We provide services three different ways; one we go onsite to the client, two—the information is sent to us, and the third is kind of an Internet hosting service where it is a shared QuickBooks file, which allows clients to access their information and their advisors, simultaneously with us. So service-wise, we service various industries, located in Long Island New York and are one of the small growing businesses out there in this current economy.

Interviewer: Well that's wonderful and it sounds like you are using the Internet in some innovative ways beyond just your website—allowing people to access their Quick Books from your location and allowing their accountants that access as well and it really is a unique service and an excellent service for small businesses to consider.

EB: Thank you.

Interviewer: Thank you again Ed! I look forward to hearing more about your continued success online and I appreciate the time you took with us today.

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Ed Becker
President of OSYB