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Interviewer: Hello everyone! Today we are honored to be speaking with Nick Simard, a partner at Financial Solution Inc, one of CommonMind's valued customers. We will be speaking with Nick about FSI's experience working with CommonMind and before we began I want to give you a little bit of background information on Nick's firm. Financial Solution Inc helps businesses understand their market valuation and when the time comes prepare for sale. Using inside advantage Financial Solution's Proprietary Analytical System they can compare your financial performance to similar companies in your industry that allows them to view your company through the eyes of a potential buyer and thereby position your company for higher value and therefore as a more attractive acquisition. Nick did I capture that correctly?

NS: Yeah you did well, thanks well done. In summary we work on exit strategies for companies in that ultimately when it is time for sale we can represent that company in its final transaction.

Interviewer: Excellent; well it sounds like you certainly provide a lot of help to a lot of businesses and maybe you can tell us a bit about how CommonMind helped you guys in what your biggest concerns or problems were going into the process of creating a website for your business.

NS: Sure; well, my partner, Christopher Jones and I came together in 2008 and we began in 2008 after working independently in our respective industries for several years and we obviously felt that we needed a sufficient web presence—being in a professional service business you need to have a beautiful and professional and concise—a very clean website. So I think the process of creating a website is a nebulous and kind of frightening project for people that are outside of it technically just to get into, and you know, working with CommonMind was such a great experience from the beginning to the end and still we intend to have a long-term ongoing relationship with you, as we move through various phases of this website. We worked with Will and we worked with Ben and basically provided them with a brain-dump of our business model and what we are looking to do and they helped us—you guys really helped us hone in on the key hot buttons that were surfacing through your questioning of our business model and really where we want to take the end result of the website and—you helped us focus in on those key areas and make the website flow comfortably and not be overwhelming to somebody who hits the site and provide really the full cycle—I guess if you will, if somebody comes to the website they are going to cycle through the information there but you helped us make that information, well, very clear and very simple.

Interviewer: Excellent; that really was a fun process for us as well working with both you and Chris and your other associates as well.

NS: Right!

Interviewer: What would you say is the end result working with CommonMind and what your website is doing for you now in your business?

NS: Sure—um, I mean it's something I don't have to worry about; I feel that, you know, in the past I have had websites that—and I do in another company that I own a website—this is not sufficient for, you know, representing the inside reality of our business with the outside reality and I feel that right now our website, as a result of working with CommonMind, is clearly representative of who we are, what we do, and the services that we offer to our clients. So I am very comfortable and I don't worry about the website not properly representing us —

NS: It's there; it's a tool—I am referring prospects to our website, um, we get compliments; people say they understand it, they understand the flow of whatever we do, they like some of the graphs and some of the charts and other information that we have in there and—um, you know, we feel good about this initial phase and, you know, as you know well and through our conversations we have hopes for additional phases of the website having some sort of back ends including testimonials, including tomb stones of the clients that we are working on and other information as our company grows. So, you know, this initial phase was very successful and we look forward to additional phases with you.

Interviewer: Awesome! I am looking forward to that as well and it sounds like your—you know, the website is working for you but you are working for the website as well in a positive way and using it with your other marketing to target the prospects that are the best bet for FSI.

NS: Indeed and actually speaking of marketing—one thing I didn't mention was that you and Ben actually were instrumental in the redesign of our logo concept, which wasn't an initial intention of working with you but, you know, Ben took a look at it—I think it was Ben initially that, you know, said that there is probably a couple of little things that we should do to adjust this logo, so it—it represents what we were telling you about our business model and about how we work with our clients and how we improve our clients and—and the logo that you proposed to us, I think a couple of different versions, we selected one of those versions and as you know that logo is used on all of our corporate collateral and, you know, we feel really great about the look —

Interviewer: Wow!

NS: Again the first time when we got the compliments on that—on that logo as well —

Interviewer: Really nice; we are really glad we had an opportunity on this project even it has been beyond the web—very cool (huh)! So based on your experience would you recommend CommonMind to a friend or a colleague?

NS: Absolutely!

Interviewer: And—and what would you say? Why would you recommend this firm to them?

NS: Well I would say working, you know, with you and your group—you are very timely, very professional, and are very sensitive to the needs of that particular business and you listen very carefully to the business owners, understand their business model before making recommendations. You also presented to us a couple of different options, which was fair to say because, you know, the people that have the need to have a website developed are not necessarily creative people; in the look that we are trying to achieve and the way that we are trying to reach out to our clients and build the tool that we can use as a resource for our clients. So, you know, soup to nuts everything is excellent—the service that we got throughout the process—I was a little concerned that Ben will be mailing us at 3 or 4 o'clock in the morning sometimes —

Interviewer: Interjects with a smile

NS: and (laughs) we didn't expect that but that was his choice—so it was very timely you responded on these and we needed to sign up within, you know, a set period of time and you over-delivered on time—that was a great experience—so —

Interviewer: Wonderful!

NS: (continues) that we would recommend CommonMind.

Interviewer: I really appreciate that and the sentiments are very mutual because you guys were a wonderful client to work with and you did have a lot of creative energy that, you know, helped kind of mesh with our creative energy in creating the end results; so that pretty much sums things up but before we wrap up, is there anything else that you would like to add?

NS: Just CommonMind!

Interviewer: (chuckles) thank you Nick, I appreciate that and I think some of our listeners would also like to perhaps use Financial Solutions Inc and maybe you can tell them a little bit about how to get in touch with you or describe the ideal client for—for you guys.

NS: Sure—thanks for that opportunity as well. Financial Solutions Inc—we work with clients generally ranging in sales from 5 million to 50 million in sales, which of course finally, you know, clients who would be netting from half a million to 4 or 5 million dollars—that's really our sweet spot of clients. My partner and I have experience in well over 50 industries; we can bring value to clients by comparing them to their peers and recommending improvements and developing an exit strategy ultimately in selling their companies if that's ultimately the goal. We also deal with generational transitions where a business is passing from a second to the third generation. Other examples of our clients are—that third generation may not be interested in taking over the business, so we have to take that business—we have to bring another key advisors to take a look at the trust & estate area and financial planning areas of the company in developing a sound exit strategy to remove that company from the family and find an appropriate buyer in the open market through an M&A transaction, so our company, you know, we would like to speak with anybody that meets these criteria —

NS: Um, there is obviously no obligation; we can be reached and our toll-free number is 800-875-5960 and if you want to see out excellent website, you can go to and we look forward to speaking with you.

Interviewer: Wonderful! Well thank you Nick and it's been a pleasure chatting with you today and I am certainly looking forward to that next phase of the web project as well.

NS: Well I do as well and thank you very much and I appreciate the opportunity to speak with you as well.

Nick Simard
Financial Solutions, Inc.