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Fewer Impressions Yield 300%
Higher Rate of Return

Thanks to CommonMind’s Campaign Management Strategies and Tactics

As a small family, each of us has many roles. My responsibilities are advertising. But after 10-plus years of doing Google, it was consuming a tremendous amount of my time. I could never do any work.

So I did some research. The name CommonMind popped up a few times. So I reached out to them and spoke with Will Rico, president of CommonMind. I liked what he had to say and he’s been helping us with our campaigns since then.

CommonMind did an extremely thorough analysis of our situation. That was important because my understanding of Google was pretty basic. I am just a layman. I did some keywords, but never really optimized all the tools that AdWords could really do for us –– implement analytics, things like that. That’s where CommonMind’s experience came into play. Will Rico and his team were able to tell us exactly what we were spending where and the direct result we were getting.

In time, they reorganized the campaigns. Things have changed over ten years with Google. Once CommonMind took over, our AdWords program was not only under control, but beneficial for our business.

Now, we give the CommonMind team guidelines as to what we want for each new product or manufacturer campaign in terms of spending, keywords, and what our focus is. They organize and implement the entire campaign. Once up and running, they also do the analytics. We get feedback on the data and make decisions based on the results we are seeing. Will Rico and CommonMind have made a tremendous difference.

Will is highly analytical and he is the right guy for the job. He is very adept at what he does. For example, before he started working with us, we were getting 10 to 12 million impressions a month of which a lot of those were not beneficial to us. He took our overall impressions from 10 million down to four million and then took our rate of return up over 300% because we were focusing more on things that customers were buying and turning over for sales. And 300% is a pretty good number.

The number of impressions went down and the conversion rate went from below 1% upwards to 3%. That in and of itself was really huge. I like working with CommonMind. They know what they are doing and bring a lot of good suggestions and value to the table. They listen to what we have to say, take charge, and get the job done.

Alan Goode
Cape Cod Brass