Analytics + Web Optimization

Maybe you can't say for sure how well your website is doing—how much traffic you get or how many visitors become customers—but your gut tells you that you could be doing better. You're legitimately concerned that your website might be leaving money on the table.

CommonMind is here to help you get access to the web stats and data you need; to give you no-nonsense guidance on how to interpret that data; and make recommendations for improving the results you're getting.

  • Get access to your website statistics if you don't already have access to them.
  • Receive expert consultation on how to interpret your website statistics…Learn the real business implications of all those numbers and buzzwords, which to pay attention to, and which can be safely ignored.
  • Conversion analysis and improvement
  • Setup Google Analytics for better and easier tracking.

Contact CommonMind for a consultation or get started now with a Website Audit or our Google Analytics Setup service.